Cave Gave Game: Subterranean Space as Videogame Place | Electronic Book Review
By Dennis Jerz and David Thomas at Electronic Book Review
As fictive worlds, games depend on their use of space, much as narratives depend upon time. Reading game worlds through a spatial lens invites comparisons to environmental literature, for, according to Michael P. Cohen, one purpose of environmental literature is “to express […] the joy of the wide-open spaces.”

Cave space, which sits in a peculiar contrast to surface environments, has long held a place of difference in the human experience of natural environments. Cave space entered the vocabulary of computer games very early in their development, thus linking at a deep level the idioms, metaphor and structures of gaming and caving. A reading of cave space as a form of videogame space enables a better understanding of the qualities of those digital experiences.

Source: “Cave Gave Game: Subterranean Space as Videogame Place

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