Resource: Karma – A Data Integration Tool

Linked data are an important asset in the digital humanities. Reposted from Digital Humanities Now.

Karma is an open source tool that makes it easy to convert data from a variety of formats into Linked Data.

Users load into Karma the ontologies for their application and data samples of each of the data files to be converted. Karma makes the conversion process easy as it provides an intuitive graphical user interface to visualize and edit the mapping of data files to ontologies; Karma is flexible as it can import data from a wide variety of data formats (SQL, XML, JSON, CSV, Excel, AVRO, Web-Services) … Karma scales to very large dataset (40 million documents, 1 billion triples) and can refresh periodically (e.g., every hour); Karma is a free, open source tool.

Source: Resource: Karma – A Data Integration Tool

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