CFP: New media, new audiences: Circulating environmental history @ ESEH2013

AntSpiderBee editor and project director of the Environment & Society Portal Kimberly Coulter is seeking contributions for a panel on the theme “New media, new audiences: Circulating environmental history” for the ESEH 2013 biennial conference in Munich, Germany, 20-24 August 2013.

Kimberly Coulter

Photo by Janina Jacke

Digital technologies present a variety of opportunities for environmental historians to engage broader audiences. How do these tools affect the composition, distribution, and reception of environmental discourse? What opportunities and challenges do they pose for building interdisciplinary connections? How do they shape public interest and possibly even action? Papers should address specific tools or projects in the context of larger implications of new media and discursive forms for environmental history.  Panelists might consider how digital media informs environmental history scholarship, or they may wish to focus on forms of “impact” environmental historians can have with new forms of communication. If you would be interested in contributing to the panel, please contact Kimberly Coulter at with a short abstract and brief biography (each ca. 200 words) no later than 30 September.  

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