Call for Papers: The Digital / Environmental Humanities Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities

A collaborative special issue of Environmental Humanities by the Environment and Society Portal / Rachel Carson Center (LMU, Munich) and the Environmental Humanities Editorial Team

Edited by: Kimberly Coulter, Wilko Graf von Hardenberg, Emily O’Gorman and Thom van Dooren

Digital humanities projects are redrawing the boundaries of the humanities. They allow researchers to gather more data than ever before, analyze it from different perspectives, and share scholarship with expanding audiences in innovative ways. At the same time the “digital turn” is opening up new areas of inquiry related to the ethics and politics of access to information and resources.

This special issue of Environmental Humanities aims to reflect on intersections between digital and environmental humanities from a variety of perspectives. We hope this collection will enrich understandings of the extent to which digital technologies and resources are informing current environmental humanities scholarship, while also identifying opportunities and challenges that these new tools present.

We invite original conceptual and empirical papers addressing any of the following topics:

  • connections between digital and environmental humanities;
  • reflection on specific digital resources for environmental scholarship (e.g., archives and databases);
  • analysis of digital methods applied to environmental humanities research (e.g., text mining, spatial analysis, statistics);
  • connections between political ecological/environmental discourses and the ethics and politics of digital access;
  • reflections from humanities perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of the digital representation of environmental data;
  • the role of new media and digital communities in fostering the debate on environmental challenges;
  • digital publications on environmental topics: as a way to reach a wider public or their role in the promotion/tenure process.

We look forward to your contributions on these or other topics relevant to the intersections of digital and environmental humanities.

For more information, please visit the Environmental Humanities website.

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