Reading the Digital Environmental HumanitiesHeat Wave Edition

by Wilko Graf von Hardenberg

Summer is halfway over and the next academic year already looms. Here in Italy another heat wave is forcing me, again, behind barred windows and in front of whirring fans. Beside eating popsicles, reading seems the only option. What better time than these last weeks of freedom from the routine of the academic year then to have a look back and re-read the latest in the digital environmental humanities, our small, but fast growing, subfield?

Let’s start with the seven analytical posts by guest authors that Ant Spider Bee was honored to be able to publish since it was relaunched about four months ago:

A complete list of feature posts published since Ant Spider Bee was founded back in 2012 is available under the header of The BeeSimilarly, all the posts from other sources processed thanks to our partnership with PressForward are availble as The Ant and CfPs and the such under The Spider.

Outside the boundaries of our own blog some very interesting articles touching on the topic of the “digital environmental humanities” have been published in the last years also by our friends at Environmental Humanities:

As regards books, my very own summer reading list, due to a seemingly ever increasing number of things that just had to be done, has shrunk appallingly. As it is the only thing in the field (interpreted broadly) I expect to read before summer ends is, very belatedly, Jo Guldi and David Armitage’s much discussed The History Manifesto.

What other articles, books, and projects would you suggest for this tentative last weeks of summer DEH anthology? Please let us know in comments or via Twitter.

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