80 presentations: “In Paris, Scientists Chart Varied Paths to a Sustainable Human Relationship With Earth’s Climate”

Source: Andrew C. Revkin, “In Paris, Scientists Chart Varied Paths to a Sustainable Human Relationship with Earth’s Climate,” Dot Earth Blog 11 July 2015

A richly variegated four-day climate change conference, concluding yesterday in Paris, provided a sobering look at the mix of environmental, social and technological trends that have created humanity’s planet-size challenge — fitting seemingly infinite aspirations safely in a climate system that is showing signs of disruptive human-driven change.

But the meeting, Our Common Future Under Climate Change, was refreshing in several ways — the main one being the depth and breadth of scientific engagement on ways to bend trajectories toward better outcomes, both in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and boosting resilience to climate hazards.

You can get a sense of the dizzyingly prismatic nature of the event by visiting Slideshare and sifting more than 80 slide presentations and dozens of posters summarizing studies presented by both seasoned scholars and rising young researchers. Here’s a tiny sample from the presentations focused on policy and communities:

China’s Low-Carbon Future – 2-Degree Pathway

Effectuating Humane Societal Transformation through Effective Collaborative Governance

Ex-post evaluation of the Kyoto Protocol: Four key lessons for the 2015 Paris Agreement

Technology optimism is not enough: Some considerations on the difficulty of triggering low-carbon transition in France

India’s Energy and Climate Debate: Uncertainties in Future Emissions and the Scope for Co-benefits

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