“Ex Machina” takes on nature vs. nurture

Why it’s green:  The story touches on myriad concerns from our current moment in paranoia — online privacy, the dehumanizing aspects of technological interactions, beards — and ultimately addresses what all these things have in common: power. Ex Machina explores, quite sordidly at times, what power really means: Who gets to have it, what does it do to the powerful and the disempowered, and what happens when it is taken away. As humans, we’re used to calling the shots in the modern world — but what if the tables were turned? Whether it’s the singularity or runaway global warming, humanity faces some serious threats in the coming decades — and Ex Machina doesn’t imply that we’re very equipped to deal with them.

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Source: “Ex Machina” takes on nature vs. nurture — with robo-babes

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