Let’s Not Force Eagles to Fight Rogue Drones

Why the Dutch National Police should stop training eagles to capture flying robots:

The idea that eagles could be turned into an efficient and effective drone-catching squadron makes a certain amount of sense. I’ve spent a lot of time observing eagles, and as any birder knows, they’re big, tough birds with big, strong talons and great eyesight. And it’s not surprising that police forces would turn to live birds to help them capture errant drones. Other anti-drone efforts are expensive and unwieldy, such as weird guns that shoot radio waves or bigger drones that shoot nets at rogue drones…What’s surprising is that people think using live eagles to hunt drones is a good idea. It’s not. It’s not a good idea at all.

Nicholas Lund volunteers for bird-related non-profits including the DC Audubon Society, Lights Out DC, and Delta Wind Birds. Follow him on Twitter.