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Immediately before the 2016 ASEH meeting in Seattle, we will have a small and informal THATCamp focused on environmental history. THATCamp, The Humanities And Technology Camp, is a free, open, interdisciplinary “unconference” where humanists and technologists meet to work together for the common good. As more and more environmental historians actively and deliberately use various forms of technology in their work, whether it is archive studies, field work, digital analysis, outreach, or other, we see this as a good opportunity to share our experiences.

In this first THATCamp #ENVHIST, we aim to change this by bringing together environmental historians, museum professionals, students, teachers, librarians, technologists, and others to explore new approaches to environmental history in an open, welcoming, and non-hierarchical manner.

If this sounds interesting, but you don’t know exactly what a THATCamp is and how it works, do not despair! You can find a full guide here and here. We welcome all people regardless of technology skills, as long as you are interested in sharing, creating, and learning together.

How will this work in practice? First, to register, go to this page and fill in an application (this is mostly to keep track of who is coming). Second, you can propose sessions and ideas for discussion topics here. Since THATCamp is an unconference, we will not have a set program before we meet. Instead, the first session is dedicated to brainstorming a schedule for the day. These may alternate between plenary sessions and breakout sessions, depending on the interest. It is a fun and stimulating way to work!

This THATCamp is a no-budget event – ASEH will sponsor our meeting room at the conference hotel, but we will have to find lunch on our own. We encourage all participants to bring their own computers and tablets to the THATCamp!

The THATCamp will take place from 9am to 3pm on Wednesday March 30, 2016, at the conference hotel, The Westin Seattle. More detailed information will be sent out to registered participants closer to the conference.

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